Fund and Asset Management

Fife Capital regards the management of assets in its custody as a central part of the ownership process. Fife Capital directly manages the assets of its investment partners. It manages assets across its investment spectrum of residential, retail, office and industrial.

Full asset management services

Operationally Fife Capital does not differentiate between the various management functions. Our view is that differentiating between management functions such as investment management, property management and facilities management has the effect of undermining responsibility and inevitably leads to a diminished client experience and financial return from the investment.

In-house development management capability

Central to any value adding asset plan we adopt is the ability to ensure that implementation of the strategy is within our control. Development and redevelopment functions are controlled by our executives. We maintain a development management capability in-house and supplement this with continuing consultancy arrangements with specialist project managers.

Focus on asset enhancement

Our emphasis is on profitable asset enhancement and central to this is maintaining revenue flows wherever possible.

Investment strategies

Private equity funds - Terra Australis series of real estate private capital funds.

Pooled investments - includes joint venture investments and syndicates.

Private client mandates - investments on behalf of private clients. Fife Capital does not accept private client mandates which conflict with other investment mandates.

Institutional separate account and programatic undetakings.