Fife Capital’s executives have a broad range of professional experience and academic qualifications with specialist expertise in real estate investment, funds management, construction, development, planning, banking, finance, accounting, economics and tax.

Executive Capabilities

Fife Capital has a flat corporate structure. Executives are recognised for their broad commercial understanding of real estate and their individual specialist skills. Our executives operate with substantial levels of autonomy within their skill areas. Specialist skill areas spanned by the team include real estate investment, construction, development, town planning, banking, finance, accounting, tax, economics and law.

Our organisational structure means that clients deal with experienced people who have principle responsibility for the assets and matters they are advising on or administering.

All organisations talk about teams. We are no different, except that we have to function this way because of the multidisciplinary dimension to what we do. The roles we undertake are invariably complex and often involve problems that have been unearthed in the execution process and in some circumstances involve conflict. Further, the circumstances can be compounded by financial distress. We take an applied approach to problem solving built on years of experience. Our project teams identify with the proposed outcome and devise a plan to work to this.

We are a proactive manager of our real estate assets. This sometimes requires stepping in to complete projects initiated or directed by others. We have a group of executives qualified and capable of assuming responsibilities at short notice and having made an assessment of the prevailing circumstances, take over the administration of an asset or implementation of an asset plan.